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Free your reps from the stress of prospecting with an Appointment Setting Campaign! We directly connect your team with Key Decision Makers who have expressed an interest in your product or service.



The start of every outbound campaign begins with data. We help sales teams acquire the right data to go from data points to relationships.



Every outbound team needs cutting edge tools to improve their future results. At TrinityFix we help accelerate team productivity by leverage cutting edge technologies into effective sales operations.









After our team cleans the data, we will send you a file of all the contact personnel for the events to find speaking engagements near me.


Once you have found the perfect events for you, you can order and our team then double checks the events to make sure its as accurate as possible.


Search for events by location, date, industry and speaker budget range.

Within our database, we retain thousands of events located all over the world and updated specifically for speakers.

Our internal algorithms are able to determine the budget size of events in order to ensure that speakers are applying to events that are worth their time.



Your tokens for event data.

Each month, you receive a certain number of tokens you can exchange for the contact information for events.

An ordered event will include the event planner contact information such as email, phone and title.


Your event planner data.

Each year thousands of event planners change organizations so our team double-checks the data to ensure you can connect with the right event planners.


TrinityFix was founded by Jeff Butler during the height of the pandemic as a solution to helping speakers find higher quality paying speaking engagements. As a non-celebrity with a background in software engineering, Jeff realized that getting booked to speak was not only having a great speech, but also the finding the right places to speak- whether in person events or online. However, even with the downfall of the economy and slow down of the speaking world, the database allowed him to be booked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Soon he realized that what started as a solution to keep running his speaking business could also be the foundation to a database that other speakers could access. By doing so, Jeff and his team continue to aggregate the best speaking events in order to empower growing thought leaders, consultants and speakers.


Jeff Butler, in 2019 presenting in front of 2500 students at the NBL National Conference.

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Hundreds of speaking engagements have been booked through this data.

You could be the next!

How do credits work?

1 credit accounts for the contact information for 1 event. In the TrinityFix database, you can select which events you are interested in. Once you have ordered your events, we’ll verify your list to ensure maximum accuracy. We remove any contacts that fail verification and do not charge credits for them, then email you the polished event contact information.

How accurate is the data?

We build data directly from reliable public sources like company websites, legal documents, social media, and news feeds, then use these sources to update our database.

Every export you create in TrinityFix goes through a verification and email validation process (at no charge) to remove any recently out-of-date contacts.

What data points are provided for each contact?

All events come with date, industry, estimated budget, contact, and website. We also provide the following data points (where available):

Contact Name
Contact Phone Number
Contact Email
Contact Title

Do exports provide the same contacts multiple times?

No, we keep track of the contacts and we highlight which events you have ordered in the past so they will be automatically remove them from your future searches and lists. This ensures every export provides you with new contacts.

How do subscriptions work?

TrinityFix provides subscriptions to credits on a monthly or annual basis. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time before renewal or 5 days before renewal to avoid auto charges.

Can I share credits with team members?

Yes, you can invite members of your team to TrinityFix. They’ll get access to their own account and share your pool of credits.

Does TrinityFix refund credits for bounced emails?

Yes, we provide credit refunds for any hard-bounced emails so you can make the most of your credits. Just reach out to our support team at [email protected].

Do exports provide the same contacts multiple times?

No, we keep track of the contacts and we highlight which events you have ordered in the past so they will be automatically remove them from your future searches and lists. This ensures every export provides you with new contacts.

Can I modify my filter?

Yes, you can changed your filter if you want to update the industries, location, event date.

I can't find any events within my state?

Add additional industries that could possibly fit for your expertise. There are also instances that there are only limited conferences or summits within your states or limited within the speaking fee that you selected. Check for some events close to your state or also select Virtual events under location.

How do I saved my filter or searches?

Simply create your filter first then click the saved searches. Create a file name and save it. If you want to check your saved searches, click the dropdown under profile and click saved searches and find the file name and hit the LOAD button.

I have no idea how to create an email approach to event planners. Do you have a ready email template that I can use?

Yes, we do have. Once you select an event and click the get contact info it will route you to compose an email and it will show you the auto buy email template for 5 token.

What would happen after my 7 days trial?

If you are happy with the events that you found you can subscribe to our monthly service fee depending on the package that you will select but if not simply cancel your subscription 2 days before the end of 7 days.